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Issue 28


The latest volunteering opportunities and news from the Scottish Borders and beyond

Volunteer Centre Borders is the first point of contact for volunteering advice, information and support in the Scottish Borders. We work with a range of partners to ensure volunteering is recognised as being integral to the area's community planning and development.


Young men fear ridicule for 'feminine' volunteering

A new study has shed light on why fewer people in deprived neighbourhoods take up volunteering.


Forcing pupils to 'volunteer' is self-defeating

Young people should choose to volunteer or join sports teams – making it compulsory won't work.


Media training

One of the best ways of inspiring new volunteers to join your organisation is to share the stories of existing volunteers and the work they do.


Make a meal in your community

Volunteers cook an extra portion of their meal to share with an older neighbour who would appreciate some home-cooking.


Are you the best at financial matters?

The Borders Elite Swim Team is looking for a new treasurer to help its aim of supporting the region's top swimmers.


Still haven't found what you are looking for?

We have made it even easier for you to search for that perfect volunteering role.


Volunteer opportunities

Don't know what you are looking for - let us inspire you or...

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Do you know an unsung hero?

The BBC wants to celebrate volunteers who dedicate their free time to help people participate in grassroots sports and fitness activities.


What is volunteering's return on investment?

A series of articles looking at volunteering and its contribution to the economy and wider society.


Volunteering, not volunteers, can ease GP's burden

VCB Executive Officer, Gordon Brown, reminds people that as well as the benefits to others, volunteering has a significant benefit to an individual's own health and wellbeing.