Language Diversity in the Scottish Borders - Downloadable Leaflets

language diversity

As part of the first ever Scottish Borders Diversity Week, Volunteer Centre Borders has put together a volunteering resource that promotes the importance of volunteering and celebrates language diversity in our local communities.

We have produced original leaflets and videos in Arabic, Polish and English to explain what a volunteer is, what a volunteer does and why volunteering work is so important.

We want to encourage more and more people in our region to start volunteering, using their diverse skills and hidden assets to make a better future for everyone.

The leaflets are available as a downloadable resource below and the videos can be viewed on the Volunteer Centre Borders' YouTube Playlist 'Our Work'.

Polish Diversity Volunteer Leaflet

English Diversity Volunteer Leaflet

Arabic Diversity Volunteer Leaflet

Thanks to our translation team for their efforts and contributions:

Abdul Nasan – Arabic Translation
Agnieszka Sztando- Środa & Kasia Gajewska – Polish Translation