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Article by Elspeth Gracey, Development Manager, CHEX

"As a Development Manager with the national organisation CHEX, it was my great pleasure recently to visit the Borders to deliver a training session on Health Inequalities. The venue was the very excellent Burnfoot Community Hub in Hawick. The training was enthusiastically attended by 13 people from a range of local organisations. The staff and volunteers at Burnfoot made us hugely welcome and dealt smoothly with IT issues and provided wonderful catering throughout the day.

The training itself focused on the inequalities in life circumstances that affect the health of many people in our communities and included an exploration of local health statistics in contrasting areas in the Borders.

CHEX promotes and supports what we call 'community-led health' where local initiatives led by local people with the intention of improving people's lives are managed and run by local people themselves.

At present CHEX has on its website a database of local 'community-led health' organisations in which local organisations within the Borders area is very under-represented. If you feel that your organisation fits the bill of being called a 'community-led health' organisation then why not sign up with CHEX so that the good work you are doing will have its rightful place on a national website. You can sign up via this link to provide details of your organisation.

I look forward to strengthening the CHEX connection with the Borders and future visits soon".

If you have any questions about this article or CHEX you can contact Elspeth directly This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via the office number 0141 248 1990

The Community Health Exchange (CHEX) is based within the Scottish Community Development Centre, SCDC.