Programme for Government

Government Programme 2017-18Last week Scottish Government launched their plan for the year ahead, with much of interest for the local third sector. The Programme for Government includes 16 new Bills covering areas as diverse as community involvement in the Education Bill, tackling fuel poverty through a Warm Homes Bill; and a Climate Change Bill that will include aspects of sustainable economic growth.

The programme recognises that stability of funding for third sector organisations is an issue and they will seek to provide three-year funding where possible.

Reinvigorating volunteering is also mentioned, with a commitment to doing more to tackle the barriers to volunteering for specific groups of people, including a commitment to further explore improving young people's volunteering.

The Fairer Scotland section outlines approaches to empowering communities with a firm set of rights and providing communities with the ability use their own assets, skills and networks. This include approaches such as tackling child poverty, supply of affordable homes and exploring Universal Basic Income.

The plan also includes a commitment to delivering local decision making, not on behalf of a community but by a community itself and supporting community organisations through a series of specific funds: Empowering Communities Fund; Climate Challenge Fund; Community Choices Fund; further supporting participatory budgeting and exploring employee owned businesses in social care.

As the programme expands into action across government we'll keep you up to date on progress on areas of interest to the local third sector.

You can find the full document here.