The Big Lunch

Big Lunch

Sandra Brown, Big Lunch lead for Scotland, would like to invite you or anyone else you know to attend a free community workshop on The Big Lunch, taking place in the Old Gala House, Scott Crescent, Galashiels TD1 3JS on Tuesday 2nd April from 11am – 2pm.

The workshop will explore why The Big Lunch – whether it consists of 4 people, 400, or anything in between - is such a great thing to be part of and such a simple and enjoyable way to change your community for the better.

The Big Lunch will take place across the country this year on the 1st and 2nd of June, and we are hoping that the good folk of The Borders will to come to a friendly, celebratory halt as neighbours from all over the community take the plunge and sit down to share food, friendship and fun together.

Over 40,000 people in Scotland took part in The Big Lunch last year and those who did report feeling more connected, less lonely and more empowered to make positive change where they live as a result of doing so.

In fact, of those people who took part in The Big Lunch in 2018:
• 82% felt it had a positive impact on their community
• 78% thought their community was a nicer place to live as a result
• 77% felt more confident at getting involved in community activities
• 80% thought it led to a reduction in loneliness
• 74% made new friends that they wanted to stay in touch with

So please join us at our Big Lunch Community Workshop in Galashiels to discuss how and why you might help to organise a Big Lunch in your street, building, garden, community centre, local park – or anywhere else you want to!

Please note that the workshop is for information and inspiration only and attending does not commit you to holding a Big Lunch! The last hour of the workshop will be a mini Big Lunch of our own, so please bring along some food to share. Anything from salads to sandwiches to biscuits is absolutely fine. As long as it doesn't need to be heated up, it will be perfect! Teas and coffees will be provided.

You can sign up using the Eventbrite link below, and please help us to spread the word by forwarding this invitation to anyone else in the community you think might wish to attend.

Also, please share the link below on any social media channels you use, if possible:

If you have any questions, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Hopefully see you on the 2nd of April!