Bin the Litter 2019 + 7Towns 1River Tweed Clean

litterPeebles Community Council is joining up with the 7Towns 1River Tweed Clean project this year. We are asking residents in Peebles to suggest areas to focus on during the clean ups and we welcome all volunteers. The annual 'Bin the Litter' project has been arranged in conjunction with the 7Towns 1River Tweed Clean project for Sunday 7th April 2019. Assembly will be at Kingsmeadows Car Park at 9.45am when hi-viz tabards and litter pickers will be distributed, photographs taken for the local press, paperwork dealt with and a safety briefing given.

Peebles Community Council is co-ordinating volunteers from the public and various local groups to take part in this community project. The aim is to tidy up and enhance the local environment ready for the visitor season. This annual major clean up improves the town and surrounding area for the enjoyment of everyone and this year the Community Council are asking for suggestions of areas that need particular attention.

The 7Towns1River project which will be running alongside the Bin the Litter project involves seven towns from Peebles to Berwick all doing the same thing on this date. The 7Towns1River project is looking to involve the maximum number of participants over the greatest geographical area and want to make a region-wide statement about the extent of plastic pollution and are encouraging as many interested groups to take part.

As usual we aim to litter pick for about a mile along all roads leading to and from Peebles, plus river banks and other popular paths and areas around the town.

The members of your organisation are invited to take part in this community activity. Volunteers are advised to wear hard-wearing or waterproof gloves and stout footwear. We will provide all the kit you need including rubbish bags and picker uppers. Participants will be allocated designated areas as in previous years.

We would be grateful is could indicate if your organization will be taking part to give us a rough idea of numbers. Although there will be publicity in the local press, on Radio Borders and on Facebook we would appreciate if you could also spread the word around families, neighbours and friends. Please note that children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

It would be helpful, should your organisation decide to take part, if you could give us a contact number just in case there is any last minute information to give out. You can contact George Ramsay on 07813152764 if you have any further questions. Please note though that on certain occasions he is unable to answer his phone so please leave a message.