Social Enterprise Census Survey

social enterprise scotlandThe Scottish Government is committed to conducting a national census of the social enterprise sector every two years, to help understand the size, shape and needs of the sector.

The Social Enterprise in Scotland Census 2015, was the first comprehensive mapping of the sector in Scotland and demonstrated the scale, reach, contribution and potential of the sector.

The latest (2017) census found 5,600 social enterprises across Scotland, an increase of 8% on the 2015 census. The sector is mostly led by women (64%), contributes £2 billion to the economy and employs over 80,000 people. The very highest densities are found in the Highlands and Islands. Rural Scotland now accounts for 34% of Scotland's social enterprises, despite being home to only 18% of the nation's population.

The next census will be published in September 2019, and work is now ongoing to gather data for this census. The survey went live at the beginning of April and will be open until June. Please fill it in here