We are Unfearties!



We at Volunteer Centre Borders say:


"We are Unfearties because we aim and encourage children and  young people to have a voice in the Third Sector and to be celebrated for their commitment to volunteering and social action. We want children and young people to know that their contribution is valued by those in their community and voluntary organisations.” 


Volunteer Centre Borders have signed up for the Unfeartie campaign with the Children's Parliament!


Below explains what an Unfeartie is –


An Unfeartie

  • Listens to Children
  • Views children as capable and an asset to their communities
  • Strives to ensure children’s voices are heard
  • Challenges infringements of children’ human dignity
  • Helps children learn the value of honesty, empathy, respect and social justice
  • Promotes greater awareness  and understanding of children’s rights
  • Speaks up about their Unfeartie role and spreads the message about how to sign up.

This is the link to the website explaining about the campaign and it also has links on this page to sign up and to view other organisations who have signed up;