Covid-19 - Please be a Good Neighbour by Volunteering


It is anticipated that the current outbreak of Covid-19/Coronavirus will cause general disruption to services, both essential and non-essential. Many people in our communities are keen to help where they can. If you are not currently volunteering but would like to help out in your community then thank you, that is fantastic! Border's TSI advice for people who are looking to help is simple Think and act locally!

Volunteer Centre Edinburgh have put together the following FAQ page to help people who want to help out during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Please right click on the button below to navigate to this page:

good neighbour volunteering faq

Basic neighbourliness is absolutely vital in a crisis, whether it is extreme weather or coronavirus. There are many ways in which you can make a real impact right where you live:

Check on neighbours, especially anyone who may live alone (regardless of their age), anyone elderly or anyone that may be potentially vulnerable. If someone is self-isolating or unable to get out for whatever reason – can you help by doing practical yet vital tasks such as:

• Collecting a prescription or over the counter medications that may be needed.
• Doing some basic grocery shopping.
• If you are making a meal offer to make a portion for someone who may not be feeling able to cook for themselves.
• Take their bins out on bin day.
• Offering to exercise their dog if they have one and are not able to do this themselves.

It is often the little acts of kindness that have the most impact.

Naturally, if someone is unwell or self-isolating precautions should be taken, but good common sense applies and you should always follow NHS Advice. Remember that offers of support and help can be made by phone, on a note with your contact details put through a letter box or on local neighbourhood online forums such as Nextdoor.

It is important to be aware that the need for people to help will increase over the coming weeks. Most people around you may be OK at the moment but that might not be the case in the weeks to come. We are all going to need good neighbours over the coming months. This is now the time to reach out to neighbours and let them know that you can help. It is important to build relationships so introduce yourself now if you don't already know your neighbours and let them know you are happy to help.

One of the most significant risks is people's sense of isolation and loneliness. A phone call, a note through the door or offers of help can make all the difference for someone who may have limited or no contact with others. It's very simple... it shows that someone cares. Please be a good neighbour.