Small Business Support Grant extended to include qualifying charity premises

sbc coronavirus info logoThe Small Business Support Grant has been extended to include premises which qualified for Charitable or Sports Rates Relief but which would otherwise, if they hadn't qualified for those reliefs, have been eligible for the small business bonus.

Charities occupying these properties can now receive small business grants. Those grants, are worth £10,000 for the first property, and £7,500 for any subsequent property owned by the same organisation.

The grant will be paid into your bank account in 10 days of you submitting the application. It's a simple claim form, asking for factual information only.

There is now an online form, very straightforward, see this link:

Before you start, you will need a scan of a recent bank statement (less than 3 months old) and preferably the Rates Bill from SBC (at £0.00) with your Rates account number. You will also need the postcode of the Hall (actual location as per the Rates bill) and of course the bank details.

Pick the first option: Small Business Support Grant and progress through the form. When you get to the address and postcode, if you can't find your Hall listed on the drop down, there is an option 'I can't find my property' which should allow you to carry on completing the form.

This is a Government grant, administered through local authorities across the country. The change in eligibility to include those on charitable rate relief has come about through national lobbying. The Bridge flagged up the problem to SCVO around a month ago and they told us on Tuesday that had played a major role in helping them to raise it with Government. So we are feeling very pleased to have made a difference, and I would urge you all to take advantage of this opportunity.

We know that many charities which run small premises - such as day centres, offices or workshops – have been really hard hit by a loss of revenue during the pandemic. Many of these charities – which include providers of health and care services - are still providing vital support to those who need it. Extending the small business grants scheme helps them at a time when the help that they provide is more important than ever.

If you are linked to any other small local organisations with premises, including sports organisations, golf or bowling clubs, please check that they are applying for this support fund. If they have queries, please refer them to customer advice at SBC.