The Coldstream Soup Group who are 'Second to None' !

We asked people for some inspirational stories to come out of the Coronavirus crisis and this group was recommended as an example!

One of the activities the Covid-19 Coldstream Community Action Team organised during the recent crisis was to set up the hugely successful 'Soup Group' which started mid March, just as lockdown commenced, and this weekend they are making their last deliveries (on Saturday 20th June) as lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

A great example of recruiting, organising and motivating volunteers, we asked one of the organisers, Dawn Clough, to write a piece about the group.

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On Saturday 14th March, Phil Johnson sent a message to a few individuals suggesting that they could do something to help our town in the ever-changing world it was becoming.

In true Coldstream style the community rallied very quickly, hand delivering a leaflet to every house in the town on Tuesday 17th March, and it really couldn't have rained any harder if it had tried that night!!

Helen McLean, Sonia Davidson and I (Dawn) agreed that the best way we could help would be to make soup for the elderly and vulnerable.

CSG Pic 3We very quickly created a core group of 22 volunteers, for making soup (free of charge to recipients), and delivering to residents. Coldstream Football club kindly offered us the use of their premises, and this was ideal due to its central location (the golf club also offered but wasn't such a great location for us).

We also had people appointed to do hygiene at the premises to ensure we kept everything as clean as possible at all times, and we had people on hand to do all the admin on the delivery days.

Our first official delivery was made on 21st March, and this Saturday 20th June we will be making our final deliveries. All this would not have been possible had it not been for the truly amazing people of Coldstream, donating ingredients. Our shops in the town have been key to helping us achieve this also and we could not have done it without their support.

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We have had raffles, sent out free wildflowers courtesy of Seeds of Hope Scotland, quizzes courtesy of Ella Purvis and Susan Burnett, and various other amazing things.

We have had amazing feedback, and we know that it has been very well received. A lot of the recipients are people who have given so much to Coldstream in the past, it was just our way of supporting them when they needed it, I know that the face to face (physically distant) interaction with the delivery people has been key, and this has been a lifeline for so many.

Coldstream really is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Community Spirit, and is why we are nulli secundus, Second to None.

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