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Adult Learners recognised at Awards Ceremony

ADULTS from the Borders have been recognised for their learning achievements.
The annual Adult Learners Awards ceremony took place at Earlston High School on Tuesday, April 23.

Abbotsford volunteers make new chapter success

ABBOTSFORD has just entered the record books by becoming the first historic house museum in Scotland to be awarded Volunteer Friendly status.

We'll make Scotland less lonely, government pledges

The Scottish Government has vowed to take action to tackle the growing problem of loneliness in Scottish society

Shake up planned for charity law in Scotland

Money launderers, sex offenders and those with links to terrorism will be automatically banned from becoming charity trustees in Scotland under new proposals.

 Scots do not feel part of their communities

Almost half of adults in Scotland don't feel like they are part of their local community.

A poll by the Red Cross has shown that 48% of Scots said they do not believe they are well connected within their local area.

Charities risk running out of volunteers

Too many charities rely on a dwindling pool of predominantly older white people


'Forcing pupils to "volunteer" is self-defeating'

Young people should choose to volunteer or join sports teams – making it compulsory won't work.

It's vital to find the right place for your volunteer manager

Volunteers are engaged across an organisation, so consider carefully where you place their manager in the organisational hierarchy

The average Brit spends five years of their life feeling BORED

Linda Fenn, head of volunteering at the British Heart Foundation, said: "No one likes to be bored, so we're encouraging the public to put those 'empty' hours to good use and join our volunteering team.

"Volunteering is not only a great way to increase wellbeing and self-esteem but also meet new people and learn new skills

Happy employees more likely to volunteer

Employees who are happy in their work are more likely to volunteer than those who are unhappy in their jobs, a new study has found.

A helping hand; how volunteering could be an additional resource for general practice

That the demand on general practice is increasing is evident, and practices are seeking more efficient ways of delivering their services with the resources that they have.

Volunteers should be visible all year round

We should be learning from volunteers and sharing that knowledge, rather than ignoring it

International volunteer numbers fall in face of Brexit

Scottish charities say they've seen a sharp drop in volunteers coming from overseas since Britain voted to leave the European Union. The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations and Volunteer Scotland have called for an urgent meeting with the Home Secretary

Stirling Bids to be European Volunteering Capital

Stirling is aiming to be the first Scottish city to be named European Volunteering Capital, and plans to get half its citizens volunteering. 

  Three alternative approaches to Volunteers' Week events

...all the hullabaloo will be dying down, the bunting will have been packed away for another year and many managers of volunteers will be breathing a sigh of relief that the annual lunch/reception/awards do/shindig will be completed for another year.

Flexible volunteering will mean even the time-poor can still enrich a charity

Many of Scotland's charities are rethinking how they handle volunteers, and how they attract new ones

Why charities should diversify their volunteering opportunities

Looking at the demographics of those who volunteer, it is clear that across age, gender, ethnicity, levels of education and socio-economic background there is more to do on helping people of different backgrounds to volunteer.

Volunteering has helped me learn about myself

A good mentor can be a key component of building resilience and this struck me as an opportunity to make a genuine difference to the life of a young person.

Don't be the next Blockbuster Video

Does our sector need to consider a new approach to volunteering? History is littered with examples of things that have been unsuccessful as a result of a failure to recognise the need for a change in approach. Remember Blockbuster Film rental? Bigger at the time, they turned down an approach from Netflix to merge. It’s easy to get carried away in thinking the digital age is the cause of declines like these, but these examples also continue into other areas of society.... 

 National Youth Development Volunteering Team

Did you know that volunteer numbers in Scotland have stayed the same for the last 10 years? 

It's time to change that. Your help is needed to work out what will get more people in Scotland volunteering. Although volunteer numbers in general have been in decline, youth volunteering has been increasing – can you help change the future of volunteering in Scotland? 

Want younger volunteers? Give them all free bus travel

Charities that work with young volunteers believe the move would help them find and retain more people.

Lonely epidemic: Just two hours a week volunteering could solve growing crisis

The US study looking specifically at recently widowed adults found an average of 100 hours a year of volunteering was a potential lifesaver

Include information on volunteering in government pension information, says Lords' report

Information on volunteering opportunities should be included in government pension information and an Access to Volunteering scheme should be created, according to a House of Lords committee.

Volunteering is social integration's silver bullet

The links between volunteering and improving social integration are well known. Research by Volunteering Matters (the UK's largest volunteering charity) of more than 30,000 volunteers in 2016 revealed that 59 per cent of people who volunteered reported an increased sense of feeling part of the community. 

 Valentine's Day: Couples say volunteering together strengthens relationship

Volunteering together may be an unorthodox way to celebrate a relationship around Valentine's Day, but Fishers couple Jim and Maddie Bromley and Noblesville couple Dale and Jean Morris say the act of giving back has not only strengthened their relationships, but also given them something to do in retirement

 No new legal status needed for full-time volunteering, review concludes

The full-time social action review has concluded that legislative change to allow a legal definition of full time volunteering is not needed at this time, despite the situation being "not ideal".

We work to build civic society. Any volunteers?

This extra effort is also volunteering; a huge amount of work done by paid employees is voluntary. Work may be valued because it is "useful" – because it contributes to the effectiveness of the service, household harmony, the wellbeing of others or the protection of the environment. 

Oxfam hit by cancelled donations as shop volunteers tell of shock

The sexual abuse scandal at Oxfam has caused confusion and disappointment among donors and volunteers. 

Pre-retirees are transforming Scots communities
Pre-retirees in Scotland are on a mission to revive their communities, revealing they want to use their skills and experience to kick-start their own, diverse range of clubs and activities.

 Rob Jackson: Stop being so bloody nice

Last month saw the 18th outing for International Volunteer Managers Day. The day, marked on 5 November, is all about celebrating the work of those who lead volunteers and educating others about this key role. The theme for 2017 was "Be the Voice", urging volunteer managers to speak up and speak ...

Diversity 'a big challenge' for charity volunteering, finds NCVO report

A new report published by NCVO shows a lack of diversity among people formally volunteering with charities, which it says poses “a big challenge” for the sector. The report, Getting Involved, gives an “overview of the different ways and activities in which people participate in society” including ...

Charities are asking interns to work 252 hours unpaid. That's a scandal

Internships are not volunteering opportunities, nor should they be treated as such. They are, for many, a necessary first step into the charity sector and the majority of those who accept are younger people who cannot afford to say no. Volunteering, on the other hand, is done by choice and at leisure.

Calls For Volunteering to Be Embedded in All Schools

Volunteering can improve educational outcomes for young people and should be embedded in the Australian curriculum, according to an educational review submission from the nation's peak volunteering body.

Volunteering is good for people – how can we encourage those who would benefit the most?

Recent years have seen a huge push by the government and voluntary sector to encourage youth volunteering. Rates of volunteering among 16-25 year olds rose by 50% between 2010 and 2015. Millions of young people have been mobilised. It's a great success story.

 Make 3 days volunteering leave compulsory

Three days paid volunteering should be introduced across the UK to alleviate a volunteer shortage. The head of the Scout Association made the call ...

5 Ways Volunteering Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Therefore, volunteering helps you feel good about making a difference in the world. Happy employees are a lot more pleasant to deal with and more ...

Sir Stuart Etherington: Volunteering can help with mental problems

Volunteering lifts self-esteem and reduces social isolation. It gives people the chance to get out, mix with others and learn new skills, and might even ...

Charity shops vital to helping people back into work, says Demos survey

Volunteering at charity shops plays a vital role in helping unemployed people gain paid employment and has a positive effect on local communities.

Charity shops: bringing in the cash, but bringing down the high street?

Clothes in one of the UK's thriving charity shops, which are shown to boost volunteering. But are there too many on our high streets?

 Charities consulted on how to boost 'full-time' youth volunteering

The UK government has opened its independent review of the barriers to full-time youth volunteering, with a consultation now open to charities.

 Peers question effectiveness of government volunteering programmes

Peers have questioned whether lessons are being learned to make government citizenship and volunteering programmes more effective, in the opening evidence session of a new committee.

 Playing at volunteer recruitment

One of the challenges people have if they want to volunteer is finding the time to do it. People either have experience of not being able to fit volunteering into their busy lives, or their perception of volunteering is that it's going to eat up large chunks of the precious few hours they have available

 How volunteering can build students' resilience

As the world becomes more connected through technology, new volunteering opportunities are also creating pathways for people to help each other

Global Voices: Volunteering is antidote to back-to-school stress

Volunteering can help students unwind as they focus on the immediate needs of others, instead of their own anxieties, helping them build both

 Volunteering on company time: five reasons to do it

Volunteer at my company? Perhaps many of you are thinking, "How can I even think about that? I can barely make deadlines as it is. Plus, work is work

Volunteering to aid others helped me battle loneliness

What exactly is loneliness? Researchers describe it as a discrepancy between the number and quality of social connections that we want versus what we actually have.

Volunteers help Syrian families settle in Scotland

Volunteers have been helping Syrian families to settle in the Borders.

Could Volunteering Heal Communities During Trying Times?

With the country going through a divisive and stressful time, could volunteering be one answer for healing local communities?

Why the government should back full-time volunteering

Sophie Livingstone, chief executive of City Year, explains why her charity is campaigning for full-time volunteers to get more support.

Three reasons why involving volunteers might not be a good idea

It is more effective to influence change by pointing out the flaws in an argument, not the strengths.


Guide to employing and insuring volunteers

Volunteers play an important part in most charities but without the right practice in place things can go wrong. This article looks at what a charity should consider when employing volunteers.

 'Flexible volunteering essential for survival'

Flexible volunteering opportunities are "not just a nice to have" but are now "essential for suvival and continued growth"

Micro-volunteering – for the busy 21st century do-gooder

Are you one of those people who has always wanted to volunteer but never has the time?

How Creating a Volunteer Culture Can Help Your Business

Employers and employees may be missing opportunities when it comes to reaping all of the benefits of volunteering in the workplace. Deloitte's "2017 Volunteerism Survey" of working Americans found that creating a culture of volunteerism may boost morale, workplace atmosphere and brand perception. However, surveyed employees do not view volunteerism as a way to advance their career or develop new skills.

UK desperately needs new volunteers to fill yawning gaps in public services

Dedicated volunteers, worth £23bn a year in economic value, run libraries, maintain parks and staff hospital receptions, but more are still needed.

The Changing Face Of Volunteering

What does a dog wagging its tail, a mum of two planting flowers in the garden and a make-up artist have in common? 

 Can't commit to volunteering? Join the micro-wave that's more flexible 

Jessica Lightfoot, learning and practice development officer for Volunteer Scotland, says: “I think one of the challenges we’re facing in the voluntary sector is meeting the needs of the volunteer…if micro-volunteering can help achieve that, then that would be beneficial.”

 Innovation key for more volunteers

"The rising trend is in episodic volunteering, people are wanting to come in for a defined project or a defined timeframe."

 The decision to only fund disadvantaged volunteering projects threatens viability of vital support services

IMAGINE a world without volunteers.

 NCVO tells politicians to support volunteering and grant funding

NCVO has called on the government to widen access to volunteering and improve the availability of grant funding, in its election manifesto published today

 Tasmanian budget funds for emergency volunteering system

In an emergency situation, Volunteering Tasmania can then quickly search the database and match volunteers and their skills to the appropriate situation.

 Do good then drink beer with Volunteering Untapped

The crux of Volunteering Untapped is the idea that volunteering should be easy. Instead of hunting down a regular volunteer opportunity at one organization, Volunteering Untapped allows groups of people to come together and spread their efforts around various local nonprofits.

 Public bodies still refusing fair funding to local charities

A quarter of local charities in Scotland are forced to apply to their council, health board or other public bodies for funding three or more times a year.

Health Benefits of Volunteering

According to research studies, acts of volunteerism prompt the production of feel-good hormones within your body that lead to positive short and long-term effects.

Citizen science – A different type of volunteering

When thinking about volunteering, a wide variety of tasks, groups, and causes come to mind. Perhaps it's a food pantry, housing project, or other effort that helps those less fortunate. Or maybe volunteering with an animal shelter or religious institution calls to you. These all have in common an underlying principle — a desire to contribute to the common good. Your time spent volunteering ensures that groups and causes with little financial resources stay afloat and continue to make a positive impact in our world.

The health benefits of volunteering

Volunteering isn't just good for organisations and local community enterprises, it is also very beneficial for our health

Time to change the way we look at volunteer management

With the amount of time given to volunteering falling, especially in age groups we usually rely on, we need to understand more about people's motivation

 Where's the government's three-day volunteering pledge?

Two years ago yesterday, the Conservative party committed itself, in its manifesto, to giving all staff in the public sector, and in large companies, three days' leave each year to volunteer for charity.

 Scots volunteer more than rest of the UK

Young people in Scotland volunteer more than their English, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts, a major new study has found.

Gain five years of your life by giving

"We found that, overall, volunteers have a health score which is statistically significantly higher than those who do not volunteer," the authors said. "This total association turned out to be substantial: it corresponded in size to, eg, the health gains of a five years younger age."

How Volunteering With Help Refugees UK Helped Relieve My Depression And Made My World Bigger

A majority of people will have experiences somewhere along the spectrum of depression at some point or another. Well, actually, according to mental health charity 'Mind' 1 in 4 people will experience some aspect of mental health this year.

Hawick's Dominic set for two-year volunteering adventure

A former soldier from Hawick is to spend the next two years travelling across Africa after leaving his job to start a self-funded volunteering campaign

Volunteer centres are about so much more than brokerage

Brokerage comes at the end of the work of a volunteer centre, writes our columnist, not the start. Read more here.

Which charity has the most volunteers?

Which charity is listed as having the most volunteers on the Charity Commission register. Guess. Go on. You'll never get it.

 Government produces guidance on volunteering in public services

The Westminster government has published extensive guidance to help public sector commissioners embed volunteering and social action in public services.


 Communic18 Co-design Champions!

Scotland's young people are going to shine in 2018! Interested in taking part in Scotland's 2018 Year of Young People (YoYP) as someone who is key to the year's success? Click on the title for more information.

It's each claimant's choice to volunteer, isn't it?

DWP are working with Scotland's third sector to clarify each claimant's choice to volunteer. Volunteer Scotland support this work and look forward to the guidance that will back each individual's immutable right and free choice to volunteer.

Young People and Volunteering in Scotland, 2016

This research examines the nature and extent of volunteering participation and attitudes towards volunteering among young people (aged 11-18 years). It repeats our 2014 research with Ipsos-Mori and reveals some striking findings.

Aspiring Communities Fund

This Fund helps enable community bodies and third sector organisations in our most deprived and fragile communities to develop and deliver long-term local solutions that address local priorities and needs, increase active inclusion and build on the assets of local communities to reduce poverty and to enable inclusive growth. Scottish Government has confirmed that an information session providing guidance on criteria and how to apply will be held on Friday 3rd March 2017 at Galashiels Rugby Club from 11.30am-12.30pm. To book your space please click here 

First charities to be awarded volunteer charter mark announced

A group of Glasgow based charities have all been recognised for their commitment to promoting volunteering.

Thousands of elderly volunteers help ease health care crisis

Increased pressure on health and social care expected throughout 2017, has led thousands of older people in Scotland to step in and help ease the burden by gifting their time.

 Marriage Roles: Women Influence Time Spent Volunteering More Than Men

What do fairy tales have to do with generosity? A new study suggests a lot, as it found that people with a more romantic view of marriage, believing their partner to be a soulmate, are less likely to spend time volunteering.

Volunteers at heart of charity work

Volunteering is proven to provide wider economic benefits to communities, helping them thrive by becoming healthier and safer, empowering them through active citizenship. At a personal level, actively volunteering also helps people's mental and physical health, can improve life skills and employability, and importantly, give people a sense of belonging within a community, which is a huge factor in preventing social isolation.

 Watch your language

Three years ago I looked at language in relation to microvolunteering and internships. Now I want to address a relatively new term that has crept into the vocabulary of the sector: "skilled volunteering", which refers to people using their professional skills to help a good cause. It is in effect what many people have usually referred to as pro bono.

 There's no excuse for volunteer managers to feel isolated - get connected

With email, broadband and Skype, you can easily keep abreast of what's going on internationally, writes our columnist

 Two Studies Show Volunteers Live Longer and Happier Lives

Those who reported at least 200 hours of volunteer work per year were 40 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure. 

 Late-life Volunteering Helps Maintain Cognitive Function

Older adults who volunteer have lower risk of developing cognitive impairment, according to a study published online Oct. 3 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

 European #volunteering: Remove remaining barriers, urge MEPs

The EU needs a better co-ordinated policy on volunteering, to give volunteers a proper legal status and help them join programmes, say MEPs in a resolution. Almost 100 million EU citizens have taken part as volunteers in education, culture or arts, sport events, humanitarian and development aid work. Young people should take advantage of volunteering schemes to develop skills and acquire experience that helps them to find jobs afterwards, stresses the text.    

Housing association launches new volunteering service to combat social exclusion

Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association has launched a brand new volunteering service to combat social exclusion among their residents, an issue that disproportionately affects older people.

Debunking three volunteer myths

Like most things, volunteering means different things to different people.

 UK is Europe's most generous country but still lags behind developing world

We think rather smugly of ourselves in the UK, and in the west as a whole, as charitable souls. So it can come as something of a shock to learn that the world’s most generous folk are in Myanmar, that Iraqis are those most likely to help a stranger and that volunteering is most common in Turkmenistan. 

 Jobseekers "missing a trick" when lacking mention of volunteering experience

Thousands of job applicants who have done voluntary work are limiting their prospects by failing to mention it on their CV, according to research.

 Digital volunteering: Helping others from the comfort of your bed

Volunteering regularly is a great way to contribute to your community and is something that will look good on any résumé. 

 Latest survey deepens our understanding of volunteering in Scotland

The Social Research unit of the Scottish Government have released the results of the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2015. This year's survey adds to our understanding of the factors influencing civic and volunteering participation.

 New Research Shows Increase In Volunteering After Brexit

In the UK approximately 14 million people feel that their local community is more divided now than it was at the start of 2016. In response, large numbers of people are becoming more politically and socially active.

Let's not forget that volunteering benefits all ages!

All ages of volunteers benefit in some way.

Volunteering should not be a two-tier experience

Those in governance roles should be no more cared for and remunerated any better than volunteers on the ground doing the hard graft who can be poorly organised, supported and looked after

You Haven't Thought of This Employee Volunteering Benefit

The connection between employee volunteering and employee engagement is a clear, vibrant line that is increasingly accepted in corporate corridors. But when business leaders examine the ROI of employee volunteering and giving programs, there's one line item which is often overlooked: the health benefits of volunteering.

Social Entrepreneur's 5 Insights On Corporate Volunteering--You Will Love Number 5

Angela Parker co-founder and President of Realized Worth, has built a profitable, $1 million revenue consulting practice helping companies like Mcdonalds, TD Bank, and even the UN with volunteering programs.

 Volunteering for a cause you love can keep you engaged in the world around you

Volunteering is not just good for others, it can boost your health, keep you engaged in society

A Local Animal Shelter Is Letting Pokémon Go Fanatics Volunteer To Walk Dogs

An animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana, is using Pokémon Go madness to get players to volunteer to walk dogs at the shelter.

Creativity required to link Pokémon Go with volunteers

By now I'm sure everyone is aware of the Pokémon Go craze.

 Prince Edward visits Borders to celebrate DofE Awards

HRH The Earl of Wessex has visited the Scottish Borders to celebrate the success of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

 How to maximize the benefits of skills-based volunteering

Mark Horoszowski, founder of the Seattle-based organization Moving Worlds would be the first to say there is a right and wrong way to volunteer. That's part of why he and his team coined the term "experteering" — to capture their alternative to the growing voluntourism industry

Building a culture of volunteering one tweet at a time

FOR social media platform Twitter, it's all about building a culture of volunteerism within the company. It advocates the use of its conversational platform to help empower and build positivity throughout the community.

Volunteering made me the HR professional I am today

I would never have gained the skills and confidence to start my own business without volunteering

 What makes some people more likely to volunteer than others?

While the benefits of volunteering are well known - making a difference, giving back to the community, and developing new skills, for example - there is less clarity about what psychological aspects make a volunteer and how charities can use this knowledge to attract more people to their cause.


Brexit and volunteering

There are 23 million volunteers in the country who must be be taken into account when considering the potential impacts of Brexit.


Doing charity work could help you get a job and find romance.

While listing your A* in business studies or basic IT skills on a CV might make you a favourable job candidate, there is one unexpected thing that might give you the edge in the eyes of an employer: charity work.


Volunteering provides "network of connection".

But there are many benefits to volunteering in general, on top of altruism, she said. Volunteering can provide practical work experience for those seeking jobs. It’s an opportunity to practice English in a conversational setting for those who need practice. It’s a way to meet people and begin to feel connected to the community where they now live.


Why Volunteering Is Good for Business, Sales, and You.

Volunteering is good for business and good for sales. However, there’s a right way and wrong way to volunteer–it will either bring you more sales and business, or lead to disappointment and frustration.


What’s so great about volunteering?


Metro Mentors allows city employees to get paid for time volunteering

Mayor Fischer launched the Metro Mentors program about 18 months ago. It allows any city employee to take two hours away from the office while being paid each week to volunteer with an approved program, like Big Brothers Big Sisters.


Volunteering key to being young at heart


How a new app is making charity volunteering worthwhile with AI

Many companies offer their staff volunteering days each year, but all too often highly skilled people spend this time badly doing jobs they're ill-suited to. Thankfully, a new AI-based app looks to put an end to reluctant volunteers undertaking pointless tasks in favour of a system that matches charities with the skillsets they lack.

The Heart of Good Practice in Volunteer Management 

NCVO has over 12,000 members, all of which are engaged in some form of volunteering (trustees are volunteers too!) and volunteer management. Thousands of people manage and oversee the activities of volunteers every day, from established volunteering programmes to one-off volunteering events.

 Volunteer Sector worth billions to New Zealand 

 Gardening and volunteering: The new wonder drugs.

There is a growing body of research that suggests volunteering is good for your health, particularly mentally.

 Charities voice concerns after volunteer who was denied citizenship is penalised

 THE case of an assistant nurse refused British citizenship due to his volunteer work could set a "worrying precedent" for UK charities, according to the British Red Cross.

 Valuable work of volunteers is celebrated

Gordon Brown, Chief Executive Officer at VCB was keen to highlight the contribution that volunteers make to the Borders. He said: "There are around five million hours of volunteering per year in the Borders, worth an estimated £75 million to local economy - but the true figure is likely to be much higher.

 The volunteers that charity leaders have never forgotten

Volunteers' Week celebrates the difference made by millions of people across the UK. Here, charity bosses pay tribute to an amazing volunteer who inspired them

How businesses can reap benefit from volunteering

We believe that businesses can play a huge part in driving volunteer opportunities in Scotland. As a major employer in Scotland, Scottish Gas values the power of social action. Our "Summer of Volunteering", which launched this week, underlines our commitment to the local communities we work in.

Improving the volunteer experience

It is apt that Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland (CHSS) being one of Scotland's largest medical charities relying on over 1,500 volunteers checks the health of our own volunteering programme in preparation for Volunteers Week (June 1-12) 2016.

What makes some people more likely to volunteer than others?

 While the benefits of volunteering are well known - making a difference, giving back to the community, and developing new skills, for example - there is less clarity about what psychological aspects make a volunteer and how charities can use this knowledge to attract more people to their cause.

 Let's hear it for Scotland's invaluable volunteers

Studies suggest that around 28% of adults in Scotland formally volunteer with an organisation, and a further 42% contribute by informal volunteering.
Together this work contributes £2.6 billion to the Scottish economy.

 Is signing an online petition really volunteering?

Every year, more than 21m people volunteer in the UK at least once a year – contributing an estimated £23.9 billion to the economy annually. Since 1984, volunteers and volunteering have been celebrated during an annual volunteers' week with award ceremonies and recruitment events being run up and down the country.

 Volunteers who can make a difference

SAVING lives can be heroic, or it can mean simply listening, but all who volunteer are special

 61% want US employers to offer paid volunteering leave

Over half (61%) of US employee respondents would like paid leave to engage in volunteering opportunities, according to research by Cone Communications.

 Employer-supported volunteering is making an impact

VOLUNTEERING is going through a significant phase of evolution. The Office of National Statistics has calculated that the economic value of volunteering to the UK is £23.9bn pa, accounting for 1.5 per cent of GDP and the Westminster Government has pledged to mandate larger companies and the public sector to offer employees a new volunteering entitlement of three days a year, on full pay.

 Why Volunteering for a Charity Is About Taking as Well as Giving

Volunteering doesn't always conjure the most romantic of images. Generally it's visions of solitary trips leafleting or rattling a tin in a shopping centre. But it can and does have a massive impact on our economy and on people's wellbeing;

 3 Reasons to Give Virtual Volunteering a Try

Volunteering—so many people want to do it, but in our busy lives it's safe to say that many of us don't feel like we're doing it enough. Whether you have a tight schedule or are finding it difficult to find your volunteer-niche, virtual volunteering can offer a solution.

 Do good by becoming a virtual volunteer

In an economy driven by numbers, efficiency and the bottom line, it's not always easy finding the time to volunteer.
But what about virtual volunteering - sharing your skills, knowledge or time from the comfort of your desk?

 Expanding knowledge through volunteering

The Digital Advice Team provides initial contact between Shelter Scotland and website users through online chat, responding to requests for further information and general advice. I have received initial training on the chat service and most common problems raised by users of the service, before initially dealing with chats whilst supported and shadowed by a more experienced volunteer.

 VIQ: Volunteering a way to improve health

In the survey done by Robert Half of more than 1,000 workers; 61 per cent of those who volunteer said volunteering enhanced their wellness, making them more effective at work.
The survey authors didn't go into detail about how exactly, but if you think about it, there are many ways this can be true. Depending on the tasks you choose, you can be physically more active by helping out at children's dance class, sports teams or helping residents to and from their rooms, for instance. There are many opportunities that can take you outdoors too.

 5 tips for finding a meaningful volunteer position

"One of the fun volunteer things that I've done is volunteer at the Vancouver Science Fiction Convention, because I love science fiction. Those are the kinds of things [available], those little tiny niche things. I'm not going to get a job running science fiction conventions, but I love to help out."

 Changemaking and a New Era for Volunteer Engagement

The Serve America Act has helped people appreciate the importance of volunteering and provided a major financial boost to service efforts across the U.S., particularly AmeriCorps. Young people join AmeriCorps to participate in an intensive service assignment for 10-12 months. It's an incredible experience for the member and a powerful tool for improving communities.

 Six reasons why volunteering is awesome

Why bother volunteering?

When celebrities volunteer

Ed Sheeran is intending to take time out to volunteer in his local Sue Ryder charity shop.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Skip Getting An MBA And Start Volunteering

Here are a few ways being a volunteer can help you create your career

Volunteer Scotland has compiled volunteering articles for you to listen, watch, read and share.


3 top tips for influencing around volunteering.


The government’s latest project to stimulate volunteering will compel public bodies and large companies to release staff for three days a year to volunteer. Can it work?


Nearly 8,000 jobs in UK libraries have been lost in the last six years, approximately 343 libraries have closed, and 15,500 volunteers have been recruited. This is a real illustration of how some public services are changing and how such change is difficult, unsettling and, at times, contested. Just as importantly, it's not straightforward: so putting the politics of austerity aside, and with a focus squarely on volunteering, what might these changes mean?

 Eddie Izzard: Volunteers are the unsung heroes of sport

Volunteers are the backbone of sport in the UK – without them, sport just wouldn't be possible.

These 8 Employers Will Pay You to Volunteer

Here are the top eight Best Companies that provide the most paid time off for volunteering.

Volunteering and the UN Sustainability Development Goals

Volunteering under the banner of the new universal sustainable development goals provides an opportunity to bridge the different worlds of national and international volunteering

 How to teach ... volunteering and community action

Getting involved in volunteering and community action has always been a fairly uncontroversial proposition. Helping people is good. Feeling that you are part of a community is also good.

London Revealed as the European Volunteering Capital

The London Olympics in 2012 were so successful in large part due to the tremendous efforts of the 70,000 volunteers that helped the event run smoothly. Just as it was hoped that the Games would create a sporting legacy, Mayor Boris Johnson also hoped that a legacy of volunteering would emerge.

Arianne Brown: Volunteering my time at lunch and recess

A couple of times a week, like many parents, I head over to my children's school to volunteer my time in an effort to improve their educational experience.

UK jobseekers overlook value of volunteering in search for paid employment

With two thirds of business leaders hailing the importance of volunteering experience in a prospective employee, the research reveals that of the 54% individuals in the UK who have volunteered, just under a third (31%) have included this experience on their CV.

Volunteering and social cohesion in Germany

Many Germans are worried about the shock that their society is receiving with the sudden arrival of probably more than one million refugees. There is concern about the economy; there is concern over jobs; there is concern over religious identities, culture, schooling and young people. Yet the process of change has inevitably started with the volunteers being the unsung heroes of integration.


This paper was produced by Volunteer Scotland, with input from the Third Sector Research Forum, to try and better understand the benefits of inclusive volunteering

10 ways to become a social activist

Many young people care passionately about their communities and want to play an active role in improving them, but knowing where to get started as a social activist can be difficult

The U.S. volunteer rate is at its lowest level in 14 years; why that's not a cause for alarm

The U.S. volunteer rate has hit its lowest level in 14 years, according to a new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, declining from 25.3 percent in 2014 to 24.9 percent in 2015.

First State of Volunteering in New Zealand Report Released

This is the first report of its kind in New Zealand, and with responses from 1500 registered charities, insights from this survey are telling. "From our research we can ascertain that recruiting volunteers remains challenging (55% said they had experienced challenges in the last 12 months), but that organisations are having less difficulty retaining volunteers (65% said they were not experiencing such challenges)", says Scott Miller, Chief Executive of Volunteering New Zealand

Kindness to strangers – what makes people give and volunteer?

Dr Scaife said the research was looking for gaps, barriers and opportunities to make it easier to give and volunteer.

Processes don't work, people do

A new piece of jargon is slowly creeping into the language of volunteer management – onboarding.

Microvolunteering: A Little Goes A Long Way

In 2011, the United Nations published a report in which it highlighted three of the fastest growing trends in volunteering around the world, one of them being microvolunteering. Five years on, and the concept still shows no sign of abating.
To borrow a definition from the Institute of Volunteering Research, 'microvolunteering is bite-size volunteering with no commitment to repeat and with minimum formality, involving short and specific actions that are quick to start and complete'.