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Already volunteering, signed up and getting certificates? Great! Keep on doing what you are doing.thumbs up youth

Need to find somewhere to volunteer? Easy! Your school is a great place to start! If you want to volunteer outside of school, then have a look at the Volunteer – Get started/opportunities section of our website and search for your area (Postcode) and see what shows up or simply go find an opportunity for yourself and ask round the local charities in your area – the worst they can say is no the best they can say is YES.

Saltire Awards recognise volunteering that meets the following three clear criteria;

rosetteIt is a free will activity. It must not be undertaken through coercion and under no circumstances can it be mandatory.

rosetteIt is not undertaken for financial gain. Outwith reasonable expenses there must be no financial transaction to encourage someone to volunteer.

rosetteIt is a public and civil good undertaken for the benefit of the community, society at large or an individual other than the volunteer.

When you find a volunteering opportunity or are already in one, get yourself signed up for the chance to be recognised for your awesome efforts volunteering! 

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Saltire Awards is a national volunteering programme specially designed for young people and with 4 different award levels available there really is something to suit everyone. You might decide to volunteer to help you get skills and experience for job, college and University applications, or simply want to have fun with a group of friends but whatever your reasons for volunteering there is a Saltire Award for you.

The Saltire Awards are supported and endorsed by the Scottish Government
The four levels of Saltire Awards are detailed below. Please click on each title for additional information.

Saltire Challenge

 A Saltire Challenge is a one-off volunteering event. It is designed to give young people an experience of volunteering as part of a team.
Young people can choose to participate in a pre-arranged session or be supported to develop their own Challenge. An online toolkit is available to assist youth workers and teachers to support groups develop their own Challenge idea.
All young people completing a Challenge will receive a Saltire Challenge Award signed off by a Scottish Government Minister. 

Saltire Approach

 What is volunteering? What do volunteers do? What's in it for me?
Take the Saltire Approach and learn the answer to all of these questions and be rewarded for your efforts too. The Saltire Approach is the ideal introduction to volunteering for young volunteers. It is all about discovering more about yourself, others and your community. It is designed to encourage a regular commitment to volunteering but in realistic bitesize chunks with certificates presented to recognise successful completion of 10 and 25 hours of volunteering.

Saltire Ascent

 Sometimes gaining skills and experience can be a real uphill struggle but not on a Saltire Ascent. The Saltire Ascent is a volunteering journey recording skills and experience gained along the way. The emphasis is on making a commitment to volunteering, and achievement through personal development and learning well as demonstrating an awareness and understanding of how your personal involvement benefits others.
The Ascent encourages participants to focus on the following, using an online journal –
Why do you want to volunteer?
What can you bring to the placement?
What do you hope to gain from it?
Who will benefit & how?
The Saltire Ascent will be a unique personal journey for each and every volunteer. It will identify learning outcomes and skills development and record and evaluate success. It will assist participants to identify the transferable skills they acquire that employers, further & higher education institutes require. 

Saltire Summit

The Summit Award is for an outstanding contribution to volunteering. It is awarded to recognise those who have not only completed the "Ascent" but have exceeded expectations. There will be a maximum of 12 recipients per year for this award in each local Authority area.
Volunteers must be nominated for the Award by the organisation they volunteer with. The nominations are peer assessed by a panel of Saltire Ambassadors who decide who merits the Award. The local Saltire Development Worker, who will not be permitted to influence the decision, facilitates the panel.


Saltire Ambassadors

The Saltire Awards aim to deliver a programme designed for young people by young people.  Young people who have achieved the “Ascent” will be invited to become Saltire Ambassadors. 

Ambassadors will be involved in the Saltire Awards on every level from promotional and publicity activities through to decision making roles on the Summit Award panel as well as advisory groups and committees. Full training and support for these roles will be provided giving Ambassadors the opportunity to further develop and build their skills. If you are interested in becoming a Saltire Ambassador please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

Additional Information regarding Saltire Awards for School, Organisations, young people and parents please visit the Saltire Awards Website or alternatively you can email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it