Team Volunteering

Have you thought of Team Volunteering?

It's not just another day at the office

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Volunteering as a team is becoming really popular and it's easy to see why. It's a fantastic way of experiencing something completely new and worthwhile as a group – all at minimal cost and maximum benefit.

Whether you're a team of work colleagues, a recreational group or just a bunch of friends, team volunteering will test and reward you by involving you for the day in a voluntary project outside your normal area of operation or expertise.

The Scottish Borders offers a range of inspiring team volunteering opportunities, ranging from large-scale outdoor projects in areas of outstanding natural beauty to smaller schemes in one of our local communities. A team from Scottish Enterprise, for instance, spent what it described as a "fabulous" and "rewarding" day volunteering at the Donkey Sanctuary at St Boswells, and it wasn't all petting long-eared asses! The 12 volunteers from SE offices in Glasgow, Kilmarnock and Galashiels shifted 10 tonnes of gravel to improve woodland paths and cleared mud from gateways to make a real difference to the running of the Sanctuary and the enjoyment of its many visitors.

 If you are interested in team volunteering, VCB can help find a project to suit you. We ensure that opportunities are viable, safe, appropriate and of value to the community, and we're on hand to provide help, advice and support.

Team Volunteering - The Benefits

  • Great sense of achievement 
  • Something new and challenging 
  • Broader horizons 
  • Rising to a challenge 
  • Getting to know your colleagues 
  • Building team skills 
  • Brilliant PR opportunity 
  • Excellent value for money 

To find out more about team volunteering, phone Volunteer Centre Borders on 01896 754 041 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it