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tipsWelcome to a new section of Volunteer Centre Borders' website which will be continually updated with some of the best resources for volunteer management as well as some helpful 'top tips'.

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 Golden Volunteers - Volunteer Management Document

We have put together this report outlining how we used social media platforms to deliver a volunteer recognition project during Volunteers’ Week Scotland with fantastic results! A great resource for volunteer managers seeking ways to adopt the latest media techniques to achieve impact and reach new audiences!

 Guide to employing and insuring volunteers

Volunteers play an important part in most charities but without the right practice in place things can go wrong. This article looks at what a charity should consider when employing volunteers.

 Updated Department of Work and Pension Advice on Volunteering  

Want to know if you can volunteer while receiving benefits?
Volunteering can be a great way to develop your skills, increase your confidence and experience or to try out something new. It's also an opportunity to give up your time to help an issue you care about. You can volunteer while receiving benefits as long as you are still able to satisfy all the conditions of your benefit. Click on the link above to find out more...

 Top Tips for Recruiting Volunteers

"Find out about free e-bulletins sent by schools, colleges, universities and volunteering organisations; hold a group meeting and ask the volunteers who have already been recruited to bring along a friend". Click on the link above for more tips...

Top tips for recruiting and supporting volunteers 

"Ensure you have both the time and resources to support and train volunteers, and that you can provide something that will make their volunteering a valuable experience – for example increasing skills and confidence as well as supporting finding ways back to work". Click on the link for more

10 Volunteer Recruitment Ideas

"If your large event's success is based on the hands-on work of volunteers - one of the biggest challenges is often finding volunteers to begin with! Whether you're organizing a rally, a festival, a charity race, a food drive, or a community cleanup -- step out of the box with 10 creative ideas for volunteer recruitment that are sure to bring more help when and where you need it!"

25 Ways To Catch and Keep Volunteers

Tips to lure volunteers in, keep them happy, and avoid the pitfalls that will keep them from coming back.

Eight Myths About Difficult Volunteers

Looking at some myths in regard to troublesome volunteers.

Managing Challenging Volunteer Situations

Some volunteers are involved in tasks that could be high risk, such looking after older people, people with drug or alcohol issues, or using technical equipment. Volunteers also represent your organisation with service users and externally. If there’s not a procedure in place to manage problems when they come up then it’s easy for even small things to grow out of control. Having guidance on what is acceptable, that explains how you will respond to a challenging situation is important to protect everyone.

Social Media Policy for Volunteers

Organisations use social media in their work and recognise that those who are involved in its work may also use social media either as part of their role or in their private lives. A written policy is therefore required for all staff, volunteers and stakeholders on the acceptable use of social networking at work.


Volunteer Policies

A volunteering policy is a framework for a volunteer programme. It helps define the role of volunteers within the organisation, and how they can expect to be treated.