Galashiels Campus consultation boards installed at Transport Interchange

Exhibition boards outlining the various proposals for the new Galashiels Community Campus have been erected at Galashiels Transport Interchange.

The boards have been installed to allow all members of the community to view the proposals in their entirety and feedback their views to the Council.

It includes details of the five possible options to replace Galashiels Academy, including the Council's preferred option to build a 1,000+ pupil school built largely within the existing school boundary and a portion of the town's Scott Park.

That option would see extensive landscaping undertaken to expand and improve the usable area in Scott Park. This would include the establishment of a community orchard and new pathways for both school and community use.

The boards form part of the wider online informal community consultation currently taking place on the proposals for the campus, which has been taking place virtually because of COVID-19 restrictions.

On the platform are various videos outlining the vision for the proposed campus, with animated fly-throughs of what the facility may look like and interviews with pupils and members of the community.

Since its launch on 17 March, the consultation website has recorded over 750 unique visits, with visitors spending an overall total of 11 days, 23 hours and 50 minutes on the site at an average of 22 minutes per visit.

Councillor Carol Hamilton, Executive Member for Children and Young People, said: "The Galashiels Community Campus will be a focal point for the local and wider community in years to come, and it's important during this consultation that we reach and receive feedback from as many people as possible. COVID-19 has meant we've had to adapt our consultation and take it primarily online, but we understand not everyone will have internet access.

"These graphics boards give a full overview of all the proposals and mean we can reach all parts of society to gather their views and ensure the full-range of feedback is received."

The informal community consultation website can be viewed at

The current aim is for the new campus to open in 2025.

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