The Online Youth Volunteering Ambassadors Team

"Online Youth Volunteering Ambassador"

This role at the minute is crucial in connecting young people with the volunteering world. We are still recruiting Online Youth Volunteering Ambassadors. There are multiple activities the Ambassadors can be doing. Below are some of activities they were doing during lockdown:

Inspiration Fridays! Finding out local good news stories of young people/communities helping others and gathering the information together to put on our Volunteer Centre Borders YouTube channel. There will be a new Inspiration video each Fridays.

 - Planning activities for those isolated (quiz, made up board game) this would be passed on by email or shared online

 - Wacky Ed Wednesday! Encouraging young people to share a skill to help younger peers – this is done through YP videoing their skill and passing onto Ambassadors who will put it with other skills in a bigger video ready to be passed onto primary schools and put online to share.

The Ambassadors take charge of social media for day! Encourage other young people to informally volunteer through social media, highlight wellbeing and share helpful tips on wellbeing in volunteering and sharing good news stories from local pages (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

Raising funds for a local community charity and encouraging other young people to get involved – do you have a local charity you would love the Online Volunteering Ambassadors to promote and raise awareness and money for?

Project planning

Mental Health Monday (Wellbeing) – The Ambassadors will be looking at how to keep yourself well in volunteering."


Online volunteering ambassords week ahead

Online volunteering ambassador