Creative Happiness Project!

We asked if parents, carers and children could help brighten the days of those isolated due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak by creating a poster, card, postcard, letter or drawing - anything fun! Here is a Review & Impact Report on the Project. 

Creative Happiness P1

Creative Happiness P2Creative Happiness P3Creative Happiness P4


Click here to see a list of care homes that participated.

Here are some examples of the many contributions we received:

Douglas portrait

Douglas aged 4 sm

Portrait 002

Hi everyone by Ella Ross 6 002

yellow flower 002

A Childs Prayer 002

Easter Wreath 002

rainbow stay safe

Ella Flowers 6 002

Hunter aged 1 clingfilm rainbow painting 002

lily 6 family 002

protect 6 years old sm

rocks completed by young lad aged 9 scene paitning young lass aged 2 002

Hope you like my rose - by 9 year old 

rainbow collage

The pieces of the rainbow by Leah

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Phoebe 3 - Playing in the house

Rainbow Heart by Lily 6