Hawick High School Ambassadors

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Abbi Inglis and Rhea Middlemass are Hawick High Schools Volunteering Ambassadors, with both in different year groups they have a broad range of experience and skills in volunteering such as media, befriending and sports. They can both help you with registering for the Saltire Awards and finding opportunities within school. Abbi has free time during school hours to support young people across the school, please speak to her if you would like help.

Their volunteering board is filling up slowly but surely but it's tricky with the format (behind casing) so if you see anything on the board you would like more info on, or would like a leaflet on local organisations/saltire, just ask Rhea or Abbi and they will organise for you to get the info you need. The volunteering board is located in the corridor on the right before you reach the canteen.