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A group of 57 young people from Peebles High School took part in a week centred around volunteering that saw that getting involved in different activities and learning more about what goes on in their community.

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The Peebles Ambassador Team Jack and Abbie are always keen to get involved in other aspects of volunteering other than their roles within school and their formal volunteering commitments. Between them they have volunteered for an impressive over 1,200 hours. They are happy to support peers and staff in school with the Saltire awards scheme process. They have a volunteering board within school with information and advise that is currently being extended to also include leaflets young people can pick and selection of the local opportunities to take part in if keen.

In October 2017 when they where starting out in their roles as Ambassadors they took part in an event (Share, care and celebrate diversity – Volunteers Diversity Day) during a weeklong Diversity week in the Scottish Borders; where they spoke in front of a crowd of members of the public, volunteering involving organisations, volunteers, council and NHS staff and interested volunteers to talk about what Diversity meant to them. This was a challenge for both, but they did very well and inspired many with their words and wisdom from a different view of the personal and real meaning of diversity to a young person living in the Scottish Borders area, outlining the difficulties and obstacles that are faced and overcome.

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Jack and Abbie recently represented the Volunteering Ambassador Project for the whole of the Scottish Borders at the Loving our Volunteers Awards event at Ednam House. They spent the day speaking to nominees, winners and organisations and felt they learned a lot.