Selkirk High School Ambassadors

Project Updates...

Gordon and Caitlin, Selkirk High school’s volunteering Ambassadors and YOYP 2018 Ambassador leaders receiving their Saltire Ambassador awards and case studies for all their fab work in and around the community. 

selkirk hs

Caitlin and Gordon are heavily involved in volunteering; they both inspire to continue on beyond high school to get involved in community activities. They are happy to help peers with the Saltire awards and are doing presentation to PSE classes around Saltire and the benefits of volunteering.  

Both are Year of the Young People 2018 Ambassadors and will be looking to promote this important year with the help of local organisation and the school itself.

Gordon and Caitlin by Wall

The team are keen to meet local volunteering organisations working with young people and learn more about ongoing opportunities. Late January they headed to Abbotsford House Volunteering open day to speak to and interview volunteers, staff and interested volunteers. They where able to explore the house during its cleaning and restoration stage, seeing how all the books and artefacts are cleaned and maintained in closed season.

Here is the link to their video getting to know Abbotsford